Rock the Vote

Millennials and Gen-Zers idolize social media influencers- to them influence is measured by number of likes and follows.

Campaign Idea
But if you want to influence real change in America it starts with a vote. Let's reward American voters with the same prestige and admiration as a social media influencer, glorifying their contribution in epic FOMO fashion. Introducing... Verified Voters.

To launch the campaign we'll partner with Instagram and Twitter where our audience interacts and engages to create a custom verification symbol- the red check mark (the same one used in Rock the Vote). To get verified, it's simple. Vote. Tapping into voting public records, we'll be able to check every social media user's actual voting status, ensuring only actual voters get the check.

Digital Billboard
We'll set up digital billboards across the US, live streaming the handles of new Verified Voters. Using #VerifiedVoters, users will be able to post their handle and gain recognition for their verified voting. In partnering with Twitter, we'll get #VerifiedVoters trending, bringing these small follower handles to the limelight.

Verified Benefits
We'll work with partners to sponsor seemingly off-the-radar verified users, giving them free rewards under the guise of influencer sponsorships. The everyday Verified Voter will find offers anywhere from free Airbnb stays to product giveaways in their DMs, to influencer boxes filled with Rock the Vote swag.

A Real Following
Users that gain the red check will be surprised when their posts get boosted and accidentally go viral. Verified Voters will see a steady increase in their real social following while at the same time, we'll partner with celebrities, having them retweet posts by Verified Voters.

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    Rock the Vote

    Single-Minded Proposition
    Make voting cool

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