Ableism In Higher Education

The higher education system is inherently ableist, built on a history of eugenic experimentation and celebrating the hyper-able student. Due to this, students with disabilities are often seen today as a threat to the academic status quo or as a liability.  Universities project a strong stance for progress and equity, all the while making their coursework inaccessible to people with disabilities—highlighting wider implications towards the use of performative activism towards the disability community. Inevitably, this attitude not only creates an ableist learning environment, but also instills each student with internalized ableism. This thesis aims to empower the disability community and educate able-bodied individuals who have the privilege of not needing accommodations. 

This thesis critiques the current education systems and administrations in universities. The education institutions which present themselves as an equity of experience and access, should and can do more to support and plan for disabilities, in order to provide a better education experience for all.

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